Volunteer Clearances

As many of you are already aware Pennsylvania has adopted changes by implementing mandatory background checks on any person wishing to work with children.  This will affect Quarry Hill parents because no parent will be able to visit a classroom more than once in a school calendar year to volunteer (e.g. class reader or teachers helper) or attend a student field trip without clearances.

Please click here for more detailed information and please read the instructions carefully.

The District has asked us to let everyone know:

  1.  that all volunteer clearance information, including links, may be found on our Quarry Hill website (which I have linked to above), as well as the Pennsbury School Districts website.
  2. all clearances must be verified in person by the principal.
  3. only original clearances will be accepted (copies will be made and the originals will be immediately returned).  You do not have to have the clearances notarized.

 Parents/Guardians may contact the school to make a brief appointment for clearances to be checked.