Letter from the NEST team about what we are trying to achieve with The Learning NEST.

New prizes being offered by Quarry Hill teachers!  Click here to find out!

Here are all the details for the the special Learning Nest pavers!  Click here for details.

Have you heard employers will match donations!

Have you heard some employers will match donations made to tax exempt nonprofit organizations?  Quarry Hill has a 501 (c) 3 non-profit status, so you may be able to double your gift to The Learning N.E.S.T.!!!  Some employers also award their employees a full day of pay for making a charitable donation or will pay you for volunteering at QH. Ask your employer if they have an employee matching gift program.   If they do, please help us by completing your employer’s form and mailing it to Attn:Sara Christopher/Kathleen Grace or via fax 866-830-5919.  Or let us know what we can do to make sure we receive the matching funds.  This is a great way to help Quarry Hill make The Learning N.E.S.T. a reality!

Plans for Quarry Hill’s Learning N.E.S.T (Nature, Education, STEM, Togetherness) are continuing to move forward!  The Learning N.E.S.T will be located in Quarry Hill’s inner courtyard.  In addition to providing an Audubon-approved space for our bird friends, the Learning N.E.S.T will also provide a wonderful outdoor education for students, complete with an outdoor classroom, water feature, a library patio and an organic vegetable garden!  We are all very excited about the potential learning opportunities for students at the Learning N.E.S.T.

Kickoff to NESTfest started March 16th, 2017! In order to raise funds for the completion of the Learning N.E.S.T, Quarry Hill  fundraiser has started, Steps to the Nest Nestfest!

We would like to thank all of the individuals who have already volunteered to help get this project completed for the school.  We are still looking for volunteers, particularly for individuals to help with fundraising.  If you have interest/skills in this area – or would like to help with any part of the project — please let us know!

More information can be found at these links:

Letter from Principal: Dr. Schiavone


Other documents that you might find handy!

Steps to the NEST – Donor tracking sheet

Steps to the NEST – Collection envelope instructions

Student letter for soliciting donations

NEST submission dates

NEST Prize List

If you have any questions your can email any of the committee members below: