Milers Club…

Quarry Hill Milers Club

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What is it?

Miler’s Club is an opportunity for kids in 2-5th Grades to run/walk 0.25 mile laps during recess. Each lap they complete will be tallied and for every 20 laps they will receive a special toe tag charm.

When is it?

Miler’s Club will be held during 2-5th Grade recess, on Tuesdays and Fridays. In the fall and then again in the spring and will go through to the beginning of June.

How can you help?

Come for any 2-5th grade miler’s club recess slots and record laps run by students. WE NEED MANY VOLUNTEERS for Miler’s Club to ‘run’ consistently and successfully!! This is a nice way to see your kids during the day, be outside, and it is sibling-friendly! You can even run/walk with your kids as long as there are enough volunteers to also tally laps.
Note: If all slots are full, feel free to still come by and help, or walk/run with the kids – the more the merrier!
Also, just a reminder that all school volunteers, including those helping with Miler’s Club, need to go through all the clearances required by PA law.
If you have any questions please contact the PTO.