Kids Stuff Coupon Books!


kidstuffKidStuff Coupon Books!

Hot off the press…our 2016 – 2017 KidStuff Coupon Books are in!  This year KidStuff is jam packed with more valuable coupons than ever!  KidStuff is one of Quarry Hill’s most profitable fundraisers.  Each book costs $25, and 50% of that goes right back to our Quarry Hill PTO.  Our school raises money while families save money!  Your KidStuff Coupon Book was sent home this past week with your youngest child.   **Please take the time to look through KidStuff to discover the variety of coupons available through this fundraiser.  The book pays for itself after using just a few coupons!** If you decide to purchase one or more books, please fill out the information according to the directions on the attached envelope and send a check (made payable to Quarry Hill PTO) or cash.  The book needs to be returned if you are not interested in purchasing the one we send home.  If you want to buy it, keep KidStuff home and start using it ASAP.  Just send back the envelope with your payment.  Feel free to order more coupon books for family and friends, different editions are available based upon the county and state where your friends and family reside.  It’s a great book to use on a weekly basis, especially during the holidays!  Keep KidStuff in your car for quick and easy use while shopping, enjoying family trips and activities, grocery shopping and going out to eat.  Coupons are valid until 12/31/17, so the sooner you purchase your book, the sooner the savings begin!  All orders, or returned unsold books, are due back by October 7.

Questions? Contact Carolyn Scala 609.273.5553 or