Quarry Hill FAQ

1. Where can I find more information on school events and weekly happenings?
Sign up for the weekly E-news, head over to www.quarryhillpto.com

2. What does my $15 family PTO membership do?
You are supporting your school, staff and your children’s activities with one of our biggest fundraisers.
** It does NOT mean you have to volunteer your time (although we would love for you to!)

3. What is the PTO E-board?
The “E” means Executive and is made up of 7 parents who meet with the principal monthly.  All are two year commitments. Feel free to reach out to any of us throughout the year if you have questions or if you are interested in a position on the E-board.

4. What is the Sunshine Fund?

This is a special fund the PTO collects but is reserved for the nurse and principal to help those QH families in financial hardship pay for field day t-shirts or class trips, etc.
If you can send in a $1-$2 in the beginning of the year or during the holidays in an envelope marked “Sunshine Fund” we will be able to keep helping our own Quarry Hill community.

5. What is all this talk about Pretzel Day?
Once a month your child can purchase a pretzel during lunch time. See included form for more details.

6. How do I Pick up/Drop off my child?

Follow the orange cone safety zone…you do NOT need to wait to get to the front door…please keep the car line moving and let your child out anywhere within those orange cones.  Car line children get dismissed at 3:30, walkers 3:35, bus 3:40

7. What if I need my child to take a different bus or go home as a walker with a friend?
Different route/bus/mode of leaving (play dates, etc) require notes from both families

8. What if I need to pick up my child early?
Send a note in, park your car and come on into the office. You will then sign your child out and they will call his/her room to let them know you are here.

9. My child forgot lunch/instrument/homework! What do I do?
Simply drop it off in the lobby…there is a table with sticky notes, pen, tape. Put your child’s name and teacher on it office staff will deliver it. You do NOT need to knock on the window or let them know!

10. Is there a Student Council?

Yes, all classes are represented by 2 students…do community service types of events (October is Children helping Children in Need…food drive)

11. Are there ways of helping the PTO/School without volunteering my time?

YES!! Box Tops Rewards, Signing your Bonuscard up with Giant A+, sending in McCaffreys receipts ,etc.   This all adds up! See more about these programs in our handouts and on our website.

12. How do I write out a check to the school?
o Please use Blue or Black ink when writing checks to the school
o Please do not staple them to any forms

13. What is the best way for me to learn about what is going on in our school and the district?
o Attend a PTO meeting
o You can bring your children and your questions!

14. We are going on vacation. Is there a form?

o Yes! There is a form in the main office or online. You only need to fill out one form and can put all your QH
children on it. You are allowed 5 excused absences and this form helps determine this.
o If your child(ren) will be out for more than 5 days, the rest will be unexcused