Cash Handling Rules for Quarry Hill Chairs and Co-chairs

Quarry Hill PTO Chair/Co-Chair Cash Handling Procedures


  • A budget will be provided by the treasurer or another E-board member to the committee chair prior to the event.
  • Chairs should ensure that they obtain their budget prior to the start of the event planning process.
  • Budgets must be adhered to. Chairs are responsible for all spending by committee members.
  • Chairs must approve all purchases made by committee members. Chairs are also responsible for submitting all request for payments (rfps). Click here for a “Request for Payment (RFP) form”


  • Committee Chairs shall be responsible for counting all cash and/or checks prior to submitting the funds to the treasurer. All monies should be double counted to ensure accuracy of count.
  • To reduce the risk of lost or misplaced checks or cash, all monies should be counted immediately following the event.
  • A Revenue Submission Form must be completed by committee chair and submitted along with the deposit. A Revenue Submission form can be found on the Quarry Hill PTO website (click here) or in the PTO Drawer in the Office. Refer to PTO Drawer.
  • Deposits should be placed in a sealed envelope, marked PTO Treasurer and left in the Treasury folder found in the PTO drawer or in the safe. Please email treasurer immediately to indicate that a deposit is ready and available for pickup.

Request for Payment (RFP)

  • Committee Chairs must submit all receipts to the treasurer within 30 days of the event. All original receipts being submitted for reimbursement must be attached to a completed request for payment form.
  • A Request for Payment (RFP) form must be completed by the committee chair. A Request for Payment (RFP) can be found on the Quarry Hill PTO website or in the PTO Drawer in the office. Refer to PTO Drawer.
  • If an RFP is submitted incomplete, it will be returned. A reimbursement check will not issued until a completed RFP, including all appropriate receipts, are submitted.
  • Reimbursement checks will be mailed to the address indicated on the RFP form. No checks shall be sent home with a child.

Petty Cash

  • Request forms can be found on this website or in the PTO drawer in the office. Refer to PTO Drawer.
  • All requests for petty cash must be submitted to the treasurer at least one week prior.

Direct Payments to Vendors

  • NO CASH may be given to vendors for services rendered or for services to be rendered. If a direct payment to the vendor is to be made, a check must be provided to the vendor. NO checks are to be made out to “cash”. Direct Payments for services to be rendered may require invoice. Please contact treasurer for specific request. Refer to Request for Payment (RFP)

Custodial Tipping

  • No custodial tipping is allowed at anytime for any event.

PTO Drawer

  • The PTO drawer is located in the main office behind the front desk.
  • The PTO drawer should remain locked. To unlock the drawer, see one of the office secretaries.
  • A folder marked “PTO Treasury” can be found in the PTO drawer. All completed Revenue Submission forms and Request for Payments (RFPs) should be placed in folder.
  • In the event the office is closed and the PTO drawer can not be accessed, all money should be left in the safe drop slot. The safe can be located in the front office, between Principal’s office and seccretary’s desk. See Custodian to gain access to the main office during off hours/after office is closed.
  • NO money should ever leave school grounds. If committee chair is unable to count money and complete forms prior to leaving school grounds, all money should be placed in a sealed envelope and left in the locked PTO drawer. In the event the committee chair must leave the building temporarily, all money should be left in the PTO drawer. EXCEPTION: Coins from pretzel sales may be taken from school and transported to local coin machine. Money should be counted and returned to school as soon as possible.

Thank You,
The Quarry Hill PTO E Board