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Quarry Hill Enrichment
Winter Session 2 – Registration Now Open

Don’t forget Barnes and Noble Night 2nd March, 2017.  Click here for more details or to sign up to help out.

Quarry Hill Calendar

Upcoming Events!

02/20/2017 – Monday – NO SCHOOL
02/21/2017– Tuesday – NO SCHOOL
02/22/2017– Wednesday – Enrichment: Art Club
02/23/2017 – Thursday – Enrichment: Karate Club & Mad Science
02/24/2017 – Friday and Saturday – Someone Special Dances

Upcoming Events next week!

02/27/2017 – Monday – Enrichment: Chess
02/28/2017– Tuesday –
03/01/2017– Wednesday – Enrichment: Art Club
03/02/2017 – Thursday –
Enrichment: Karate Club; Barnes and Noble Night 6pm-8pm
03/03/2017 – Friday

Important Dates to Remember:

24th February, 2017 – Someone Special Dance for Quarry Hill Boys
25th February, 2017 – Someone Special Dance for Quarry Hill girls
2nd March, 2017 – Barnes and Nobles night
7th March, 2017 – One to One Technology meeting (all students in the Pennsbury School District will be receiving Chromebooks in the 2017-2018 school year.)  Click here for more information about this Chromebook information night!

Also, don’t forget, Quarry Hill will be doing  “Wear it Wednesdays” for the rest of the school year. the students are expected to wear their PAWS shirts to school on Wednesday.

The Learning N.E.S.T (Nature, Education, Sanctuary, Togetherness) committee, formerly the Bird Sanctuary committee, is proud to announce expansion plans for the courtyard which will be named The Learning N.E.S.T.! Volunteers are needed to bring our plans to fruition! The Learning NEST committee has filled all lead roles except one, The Fundraising Coordinator.

We are still in need of the person who can commit to organizing a team of people to get it going.  We already have strong leads, volunteers, connections, and ideas to get you started.

If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to the committee- any and all help is greatly appreciated!  We are also looking to fill some specific roles ASAP, please sign up with the link below.  Click here for all the details or to sign up!

Quarry Hill STEM Fair a great success!

Thanks to all those who participated in our annual Quarry Hill STEM Fair. It was our biggest and best event ever!! The kids did an amazing job with their projects! With half of the students participating and even more coming to support their fellow students, there was a lot of fun and interactive learning going on!!

A special thank you to those who donated their time and effort with the demonstrations. They were so popular and so wonderful!!

Debbie Carr – Barnes & Noble
Sajitha Joseph & Steve Thompson – Slime
Brian Falcone – Dry Ice
Jonathan Mauriello – Cooper Pest Control
Sven Heinicke – Bubbles
Mad Science
Jessica Perfetto – PHS Prototype Club and Robotics

We had terrific Career Scientists this year who visited with and presented ribbons to all 230 participants. A special thank you goes out to those parents.

Dr. Jennifer Kitchen
Dr. Jennifer Rajan
Dr. Mike Riggall
Dr. Peter Shaw
Dr. Phil Smith
Michelle Fish
Laura Marthaler
Dr. Dave Nirschl
Neena Tierney

Thank you so much to co-chairs Sumana Kanubaddi and Neena Tierney. Extra thanks go to the fabulous STEM Fair committee for putting on such a wonderful event for our Quarry Hill community.

Natasha Adamov
Julie Block
Sara Christopher
Sven Heinicke
Michele Kubitsky
Kerri Mulray
Susan Power
Chuck Reed
Nicole Smith
Zoe Riggall
Lois Lambing
Sharon Vereb
Corri Workman
Beth McNamara
Constance Webster
Sue Deutsch

Thanks also to those of you that donated baked goods. We were able to offset a large portion of the costs of the event. We look forward to seeing even more of you next year!!

Sandy Borowsky

Science Fair Co-Chair

Quick hit list!


Have you heard this info about the Pennsbury School District and the “National School of Honor” recognitions???

If you have any questions about the PTO and all the events that we participate in each year you can email us at any time:  [email protected] or use the contact us link at the top of the page.

For more information about joining the PTO (or paying online) you can click here!

Click here for the current Pennsbury School District calendar.

 Quarry Hill PTO Mission Statement
The Quarry Hill PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of children at Quarry Hill Elementary by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers.