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  • 01/22/2018 – Enrichment Chess
  • 01/23/2018 –
  • 01/24/2018 –
  • 01/25/2018 – Enrichment Karate
  • 01/26/2018 – Enrichment Drama

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  • 02/06/2018 – PTO Meeting 9.30am
  • 02/22/2018 – STEM Fair

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The PTO Officer Nomination Committee is now accepting nominations for the following 2018-19 Executive Board positions: Co-President, Vice President and Treasurer (only the Co-President position requires Prior E-board experience). All positions are a 2 year term. Eboard participation can be a very rewarding experience! If you are interested in being nominated for a position, please express your interest in a written email either Nomination Committee members: Wendy Farsiou at [email protected] or Kerri Mulray at [email protected]. All nominations are due by March 1, 2017. Nominations will be announced at the March PTO meeting. Elections will be held at the April PTO meeting. Position responsibilities begin at the May E-board meeting.

Interested but would like more information on the positions? You can contact the current Eboard members who can explain the responsibilities of each role. You can also CLICK HERE for the officer duties per our By-laws.

Current Eboard:
Co-President: Wendy Farsiou: [email protected]
Co-President: Kathleen Conti: [email protected]
Vice President: Julie Block: [email protected]
Treasurer: Kerri Mulray: [email protected]
Corresponding Secretary: Brenda Falco: [email protected]
Recording Secretary: Christine Banas: [email protected]
Advisory Council: Sumana Kanubaddi: [email protected]

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If you have any questions about the PTO and all the events that we participate in each year you can email us at any time:  [email protected] or use the contact us link at the top of the page.

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 Quarry Hill PTO Mission Statement
The Quarry Hill PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of children at Quarry Hill Elementary by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers.